From Bondage to Breakthrough “7 Steps to Moving Forward”

On the other side of breakthrough lie the most opulent blessings. Feelings of limitations or jammed movements will hinder success in an individual’s life. Destiny compensates bondage; learn 7 keys to Moving Forward to experience and own repeated breakthroughs in every area of life.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the past and it’s potential impact of today. Shut the door and move forward.
  2. Review the critical 7 Steps to dominate in maintain repetitive breakthroughs
  3. Identify the core reasons your forward movement is non-negotiable.

Forward Leadership

A winning leader will produce a winning team. Everything rises and falls upon leadership. The power of lasting influence and persuasion will catapult the effectiveness of communication and team confidence. There are certain attributes absolutely essential for an organization to perform with forward movement, continually achieve company goals and increase their bottom line. Collaboration, Trust and Peak Performance (to name a few) are the qualities your organization will be the outcome of this shifting message.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Define your winning attributes as a leader and identify opportunities for growth, which will enhance the proficiency of those you lead.
  2. Understand the rewards of utilizing TACT System: Trust. Assurance. Collaboration. Time.
  3. Build the demand for peak performance and increase their retention.

Built to Dominate. The Power of Forward Movement

Forces of mass distraction have been recruited to knock one off course. Some strikes call for silence while others warrant a response of advanced force. Theresa shares the critical force methods needed to complete those unfinished projects, gain clarity and direction for your next best move. Be prepared to move forward in the power of domination. When you dominate your day, dominate your life!


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover the top distracters in your life and how to take back your time
  2. Strategies to completing those lingering projects
  3. Best practices to dominate your day to avoid the “what happened” syndrome
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The Parent Code of Conduct

In every school environment there is a Student Code of Conduct to highlight the guidelines and procedures students should follow in that environment. In this training, Theresa shares the guidelines and procedures parents should follow to gain massive triumph. Parents have rights and responsibilities. Parents at times aren’t aware of their total rights and responsibilities. An empowered parent leads to successful parent/child relationships, behavioral excellence, happy teachers and ultimately academic pupil success.


Learning Objectives

  1. Outline the rights and responsibilities of parents
  2. Reveal techniques to develop strategic partnerships with teachers, administrators and school at large
  3. Best practices to strengthen parent/child relationships

Next Steps...

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