Founder of IronDresses, Inc.

Cherelle Johnson

"When it come to speaking and leading, Theresa Proctor is the epitome of empowerment! Her unique insights matched with her humor and authenticity is the perfect mix for an unforgettable experience. Theresa has been a vital part of my annual women's conferences since its inception and I believe the women we reach are better because of their engagement with her. Her partnership is of the most value and I am full of gratitude for her service to our society."

CEO of Lifeline

Steve Wiltshire

Theresa Proctor's interview on my podcast, "The Leadership Lifeline on Line Radio," blew me away! Her wisdom, life philosophy and professional/life practices are golden! After our interview I knew I wanted some kind of future partnership with Theresa.  Since that time Theresa is now training and coaching for thousand involved in our community and our members RAVE about her coaching and training! Theresa's wisdom, faith and purpose radiates from her spirit in service of her contribution to God's Kingdom.  I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and my life has been richly impacted through what she models to all that has an opportunity to experience her!


Rhonda Gladden, EdD

Theresa R. Proctor is a dynamic woman of God that brings forth her messages with power and conviction! She is able to reach audience members by providing them with examples that they can relate to!